ZenMate VPN Cyber Security with Connection Encryption, Website Unblocking, and Secure Servers

Mention VPN protection for browsers and one of the first names that come up is Zenmate VPN.

ZenMate is run by ZenGuard GmbH, a Berlin-based security & privacy startup that provides secure tunneling for browsers and mobile devices.

Zenmate VPN helps you encrypt your connections via secure servers. The service is available via extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Also, alternative apps are available for Android and iOS users. Starting at $4.99/month, Zenmate is also quite cheap.

Zenmate provides one of the easiest solutions to stay secure and private while accessing the content online. And with over 34 million users, they are for sure a fan’s favorite. Let’s find out why.

How it Works

On installing the extension, you are redirected to a page where you are prompted to accept the T&C and create an account using your email address. Once you complete this process, the extension icon turns green signaling its activation.

By default, Zenmate connects via a server located in Germany. However, you can change the server location to any of the 13 provided server location across three continents.


Zenmate VPN offers a free seven-day trial of their premium plan.

We ran the customary speed test, and Zenmate performed excellently. However, the free version of the VPN fell way below par, and we experience frequent disconnections.

A test of a VPN credibility is its protection of the user’s location. Unfortunately, the performance of this extension is unsatisfactory. We noticed intermittent IP leaks by the VPN. Hence, we do not recommend Zenmate VPN for users who place an extremely high priority on location masking.

We perused the company’s privacy policy for holes and found a few.

According to the Privacy policy, “no personal data is collected, processed or permanently stored.” However, there are five different situations when the above rule does not apply when:

  • Selecting a server to use ZenMate,
  • You contact customer service,
  • A user is subscribing to newsletters,
  • ZenMate is providing further information upon user request,
  • Users are generating postings in forums, communities and through comment functions.

Also, Zenmate state that they store the IP address of user “temporarily” to “prevent attacks against ZenMate”.


Zenmate is an excellent VPN service if your aim is to view localized content. However, we do not recommend the service for users who are big on security. Also, the free version is almost useless.


Price: Free | $4.99/month

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