Gom VPN – Bypass and Unblock Websites in Chrome Browser

Are you having issues visiting Netflix on your internet connection? Or some other persistent connectivity issues that just won’t go away?

Then internet restrictions from you web provider is probably the problem.

Fortunately, GetGom is here with a noob-friendly solution to all such problem. Requiring the least amount of technical input possible, Gom VPN solves all your internet accessibility problems.

Requiring only a single button push from the get go, Gom VPN is designed to get your connection back in the least possible time without making you scratch your head. The developers are proud of and market Gom VPN for its simplicity.

Sometimes lesser is not always better. So let’s see how this extension stands against our tests.

How it Works

Gom VPN set out to provide one of the easiest to use VPN in the market, and it has not failed at this task. Despite being on Android and iOS, as well as browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, all instances of Gom VPN only require one button press to set up.


While this seems great in theory, it is important to note that this simple layout also disallows the setup of sometimes important settings such as IP locations.

To combat this flaw, Gom VPN promises Super fast 1000mbit unblocking servers and proxies.

Once you install the extension, click the centered button within its interface to automatically enable tunneling.

Aside from the free version, Gom VPN offers a paid version as well: Gom Gold. Gom Gold adds dedicated bandwidth for paid users, as well as dedicated servers located in the USA. Also, the premium version offers a unique referral program that can help you earn some cool bucks on the side.

Gom Gold costs $19.99 per month.


With excellent ratings on both the Chrome and Firefox extension stores, it is pretty obvious that Gom VPN has something good going. The VPN offers fast internet blocking even on its free version. And its is so easy to set up that it can be used easily even by 80-year-olds.

However, we were a bit uncomfortable shelling out big bucks for a VPN without localized settings. Bummer, even the paid version doesn’t, as you are restricted to the US. This could prove trouble for users who want to access country-specific content.

That aside, Gom VPN is a great VPN that delivers incredible speeds.


Price: Free | $19.99/month

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