Browsec VPN – Privacy and Security Online for Chrome Browser

Need to visit Facebook from your work PC, or maybe that new episode of Game of Thrones from Netflix?

Browsec VPN has got your back. Using an intelligent routing system, this VPN tunnels all your Chrome and Firefox bandwidth through secure cloud servers. The goal of this extension is to give you unrestricted access to the internet even to sites blocked either by your system administrator or by your network provider.

Browsec offers a free and premium plan and is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. It is also available on iOS.

How it Works

With the extension already drawing a 3 million plus user base, Browsec has a lot of good going for in among the population. Nevertheless, we took the VPN on a test run to see how it stacks up against the competition.


Firstly, it is important to note that Browsec VPN is VPN in the traditional sense as it will not tunnel bandwidth from other applications on your computer. The extension’s only job is concealing your browser’s IP and location.

On the developers’ page, they promise high-speed browsing (bad VPNs often cause a lag in your internet connection.)


We put this to the test and were quite pleased with the results. Using the free version of Browsec VPN and our 13MB/s connection, we only experienced a 1MB/s drop. With tunneling with the extension turned, we recorded a 12MB/s speed. This is not bad for a free VPN.

Unfortunately, the free version of the extension while quite swift only allows you one virtual location: Netherlands. This is quite disappointing as it does nothing in enabling you to view content in prime locations such as the USA and the UK.

Even worse, you can’t even see content from the Netherlands! Using location tools, we found out that our virtual location was somewhere in Russia!

No VPN test is complete without a check on the developers’ privacy policy and how the handle our data.

Browsec’s privacy policy discloses that they collect information about your surfing habits when the proxy is switched on, and data can be used for monitoring and research; it is also disclosed that after anonymising the data, it can be shared with business partners. The company makes money selling your data to outsiders.

Browsec offers premium plans beginning at $3.33 /month.



Browsec VPN is an extension that works and features fantastic speeds. However, in using the extension you are selling your data to Browsec. Whether you are willing to bear that risk is completely up to you.


Price: Free | $3.33 /month

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