Betternet unlimited free VPN Proxy for Chrome for Enhanced Security and Website Unblocking

Need a free VPN service that offers you similar perks to a premium one?

Then Betternet may be just what you need. This Canada-based provider offers you a completely free VPN service in the form its Chrome extension.

Surprisingly, you also get unlimited bandwidth as well an infinite number of simultaneous connections.

Even more, Betternet does not require any form of registration and is also free to use for life.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s find out!’

How it Works

Betternet is a bit low on features, but at $0, it still sounds like a great deal.

On installation, you are greeted by a barebones interface that simply lets you toggle the VPN on and off. You also get the ability to select one from the list of extremely limited server locations.

In spite of being restricted to a few locations, we found at that the locations are often wrong. While testing, we got an IP located in the U.A.E while our location in the VPN was set to the USA.This is excusable as the proxy is a free service. However, this lack of transparency brings the quality of the VPN provider into question.

Privacy is also a point of concern with this extension. While the clearly state that they keep no log or information, it is important to note that the company operates from Canada. As we explained in the TunnelBear VPN review, this is a privacy hazard. This is even more important when you consider that the VPN is free. VPNS require a lot of money to stay live.

Although the VPN is advertised for its streaming ability, we have an issue with that as our connection was detected and blocked by Netflix.


On the right side, the VPN put up a decent (not super-fast) speed that is quite usable for most web tasks. Also, Betternet supports P2P connection. However, torrenting with a free VPN does not sound like a very safe prospect.


With unlimited bandwidth and connections for free, we cannot complain too much. Betternet is a decent VPN service that works. However, it is not an excellent choice if speed and anonymity are top of your list. For the serious stuff, you are better off with a premium VPN like SaferVPN.


Price: Free

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Not Recommended

Free unlimited VPN. Not the best for security or speed.

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