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Good old Wikipedia gets a great new look.

Wikimedia is an extension for Wikipedia that optimizes Wikipedia’s web pages with a slick, beautiful interface, for a quicker and significantly improved reading experience.
The extension don’t just change the look, but it’s actually re-build the page so it will be more user friendly.

When you install Wikimedia, every Wikipedia page will get a new clean layout for optimal readability, modern typography, convenient fixed table-of-contents, quick preview when hovering over links, multi-language search with thumbnails, cover photos, larger photos and better media gallery, article narration and audio playback, color, font and layout personalization, and many (many!) more…

This is the regular Tesla Motors Wikipedia page –


And this is the Wikimedia powered Tesla Motors Wikipedia page –


The difference is obvious and it’s clear that most people will prefer the modified version.

At the bottom of every Wikimedia/Wikipedia page you’ll also find a button to switch between the 2 different versions, so you don’t have to un-install the extension if there’s a certain page you prefer to read in the old fashion (ugly) Wikipedia style.

Get_for_Chrome Get_for_Firefox-150x150 Get_for_Safari

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Who is it for? Anyone

Price? Free

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One of those extensions that you love or hate. We LOVE it!
It’s a pretentious mission, but they nailed it.

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