One-click access to your Trello Boards!

Trello users? You’re going to love this one..
If you manage your life through boards, and imagine tasks as drag&drop boxes, this Trello extension will save you a lot of tab opening and URL typing.

What ‘Boards for Trello’ do is enabling a quick access to your Trello Boards via a handy popup in Google Chrome.
Just one click on the extension icon and all of your boards will be shown.
One more click on the relevant board, and a new tab will open up, showing the specific board page.


There’s also a quick search bar to help you find the right board, a “starred boards” section, and most important, a notification counter.

Boards for Trello also have a Pro-paid version (4.5$ one time fee).
We tried it out for you and it’s pretty cool.
The Pro version includes:
A view of your Trello notifications inside the popup itself (not just the notification number).
A look on all your boards whenever you open a new tab. (i.e. – “new tab extension”).
Star / unstar your boards from the popup, and reflected on
And more…

We’re always like to see developers making money out of their products (even if just a few bucks), but we feel that the Pro version still missing the “super-feature” that will make it worth upgrading.

We suggest starting with the lite version and considering paying only if Trello is a big part of your life.


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Trello users

Price? Freemium (one time 4.5$ fee for the pro version).

EZ Rank

Add a task in Trello - "Install it!"

Simple but powerful extension for Trello users.
We hope to see more and more feature updates.

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