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TabToDo lets you turn open tabs into daily tasks. Maybe one of the best extensions we used.

TabToDo is a great example of how extensions can take existing browser capabilities, and make them better, just by adding a few simple features. This is why we love it so much.

Basically, this is not an extension for the average user, but a tool for power users, who deals with multiple open tabs on a daily basis.
Instead of never closing your browser and going through endless open tabs during the working day, TabToDo lets you turn these open tabs into tasks.
Tasks nature is to get done, which means that this extension helps you be more productive and finish your working day with less open tabs (and more finished tasks) than you’ve started it.

How does it work?
When you open the extension, you’ll get a quick look over your open tabs, with tab search and quick switch between tabs. Nothing special here.

The magic happens when you hover over a certain tab –

In the screenshot above, you can see that when hovering over a tab, new buttons revel and you can turn the open tab into a task.
If you’ll click the “add a task” button, a check-box will appear next to the tab name, and you will be able to rename the tab, and give it a more actionable name. Instead of having one more open tab with the title “Facebook’s messenger platform must go beyond bla bla bla bla“, you will have a task with the action item of “Read this TechCrunch post“.

You cleared a task and finished the job? Tick the check box and Bam! the tab/task will vanish from your browser.
This way, you can start your day with 40 open tabs, and finish it with only 5 remaining tasks.. Very productive.

The extension is really nice visually, and you can see your current task’s status immediately, with the side indicators.
Green means ‘done’ (if you chose in the settings to keep finished tasks in the list), Gray stands for open tasks and White mean no task (not every open tab is an action item).

You can also set up different settings, such as keeping the finished tasks documented for 24 hours, re-open unfinished tasks when you launch the browser, and more..

TabToDo is open source, so you can definitely help improving it and build it for your own needs.
Think how nice it will be to add an “auto task” feature that learn your habits and turns certain tabs into tasks automatically. Or, connecting TabToDo with the Asana API so you will have full documentation of these new tasks in your Asana dashboard.
Go crazy!

Bottom line – TabToDo helped us filter important tabs from the endless list of junk we had on the browser. It’s not that we won’t have junk anymore, but at least we’ll focus on the things that we have to do.
It’s only the first version and it’s not perfect, but once again, we think that this is a great extension in terms of concept, functionality and productivity, but more importantly, this tool shows the essence of the term ‘extension’.

Great job!

* See their video tutorial.

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Who is it for? Power users, multiple tabs

Price? Free

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Amazing, refreshing, innovative and productive, but simple and easy to use.
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