Tab Layouts – A New Approach to Organizing Chrome Tabs

Working across multiple tabs can quickly become a frustrating endeavor. In between switching tabs and resizing browser windows, it’s no surprise that you can easily get disenchanted with the whole process.

Today we look at Tab Layouts, a Chrome extension that presents a new ingenious for of tab management. This extension has the potential to revolutionize the way we manage tabs.

Tab Layouts brings a new multi-screen, multi-view interface to Chrome tabs. This new system allows you work with tabs side by side in an Androideusque form of multitasking. This system, in theory, works way better than the alternative of working with side-by-side windows.

How it Works

This extension ambitiously aims to bring true multitasking to Chrome by exploiting a design feature of the browser. Chrome by default keeps all open tabs in memory. Thus, your browser tabs are using RAM whether you are viewing them or not. Going by this premise, Tab layouts should not increase your resource usage by allowing view all tabs simultaneously.

Once you complete the extension installation, you can begin using the extension by clicking on the Tab Layouts icon on the top right corner of your browser.

With a single click, you can choose from any of the preset layouts and apply it to your active tabs. By default, the extension splits tabs to the left. And we found this arrangement pretty neat. However, the extension features four preset layouts, and you can readily create a custom one.

tab layouts 1

While testing the extension, we noticed a small operational quirk that was not added in the instructions. To split currently open tabs, ensure that you are on the leftmost tab before you click the extension. A click from another tab will ignore the tabs to the left.

Tab Layouts gets even sleeker with its support for multiple displays.

tab layouts 2

Yes, you can manage tab across multiple displays! To get this feature working, go to the settings menu of the extension to view and select available display devices.


We enjoyed the use of the multi-tab feature in Chrome to create a more automated approach to multitasking. This is an excellent extension for cutting the time needed for opening and resizing new Chrome windows. It has a slight learning curve, and you might mess up your tabs the first few times.

However, once you get the hang of it, Tab layouts becomes a handy utility tool.


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