SessionBox – Use websites with multiple accounts at the same time

Raise your hands up if you have only one browser installed on your computer.

Yep, we thought so.

We all manage multiple accounts on our computers. Either personal accounts, family members or random guests. To keep sessions intact, avoiding repeated logins and logouts, you have to use multiple browsers. However, thanks to SessionBox, this is a thing of the past.

SessionBox using an intelligent session management system, allowing you run multiple parallel sessions of the same website, using multiple instances of Chrome browser.

No need for secondary browsers, or incognito browsing sessions, SessionBox manages them all, and effectively too.

How it Works

On Installation, you meet a beautiful, minimalist, pop-up slideshow that takes you through the basics of the extension.

To use SessionBox, first, navigate to any website. Then, click on the extension icon. Use the ‘+’ button to add as many session as you want for that site. You can also start a new session using the “open in new session” link that the extension adds to the contextual menu in Chrome.


You can easily differentiate your sessions by color coding or renaming them from the extension menu.


Even more, SessionBox allows you to synchronize your sessions across your devices using a secure account. You can easily create an account from within the extension.


However, it is important to note that the extension does not offer any form of shared storage. As a result, all variables are handled by the extension.

Hence, you cannot access your session from the web or without a password, and recovering a lost password is not possible.


We love the idea behind this extension. Surely, it’s a handy tool that most internet users will enjoy. Save for the inability to recover account with forgotten passwords; SessionBox is an ideal extension that we recommend for all Chrome users. explains off the recovering issue, with the idea that this makes the extension hackproof, as all actions are carried out on the home computer and not on the web.


EZ Summary

Recommended For:  A great tool for managing multiple user IDs.

Price: Free

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A great tool for managing multiple user IDs.

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