PageArchiver – Web page Archiver for offline reading

Traditionally, to save a page for offline viewing on Chrome, you have to store the HTML and all component of the web page to a folder on your storage drive. This system seems like a pretty neat option until you learn that there is no callback button in Chrome.

To view a saved page, you have to look up the saved folder and then search for the HTML file amidst the abundance in the folder. Fortunately, we now have extensions like PageArchiver to clean up the save page process.

PageArchiver, an imitation on Scrapbook extension for Firefox, attempts to simplify saving a page by adding one-touch access to saving and viewing a saved page.

How it Works

PageArchiver adds a ton of features to the save page process. One of the most important is the ability to save and view pages using one-click options.

To save a page in current view, click on the extension then select the tab(s) you want and save.


The extension keeps a list of all saved ‘archives’ in memory; thus, you can easily access them by clicking the extension.

Saving pages aside, the extension offer some bold features as well. You get a variety of sorting options for your archives including the ability to search, add tags, and rename the pages, and even add a sticky note that displays when viewing the page.

Even more, you can backup all or selected pages to a single zip file (containing the HTML and files.)

To setup PageArchiver, you must first download the SingleFile Core extension by the same developer (Gildas). SingleFile Core is a base system that enables PageArchiver, and other Gildas extensions function properly.

Download SingleFile Core


Gildas tries to execute a brilliant idea with PageArchiver. However, we noticed a few glitches and bugs with extension, excusable, as the extension is still in Version 0.1.21. We hope to see more improvement on the smoothness and interface. 

PageArchiver has the potential of a must have app.


Price: Free

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A neater way to save web pages

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