Mercury Reader – Clear away the Clutter from all of Your Articles

In this world where ads rule, looking for clutter-free pages is often like searching for a needle in a haystack. Ads and other distractions such as share buttons can serve essential functions. However, when the become excessive, they can severely hamper the readability of the website.

Mercury Reader, an extension for when you just want to read, is here to the rescue.

The service declutters your websites, removing all ads, share buttons, and other distractions.

Postlight, the team behind Readability, designed Mercury Reader as a replacement to the popular Readability.debuts with the all new Mercury Parser engine but drops some features available in the previous version.

How it Works

To activate Mercury Reader on a web page, just click on the extension from the extension toolbar. Unfortunately, the extension does not feature an automatic mode nor a remember website option.However, you can quickly activate the service using keyboard shortcuts (Cmd + Esc for Mac users, Alt + ` for Windows users.)

mecury reader 1

Also, You can customize your view of the cleaned page.

mecury reader 2

The new Mercury Parser engine offers a faster experience: it cleans pages almost instantly.

We put Mercury reader to the test on a few websites and got mixed results. While the extension performed excellent on more traditional sites, it lacked the same efficiency on advanced websites. On more complex sites we experienced errors such as the extension removing the content as well, excess whitespace.


When Mercury reader works, it provides a clean, enjoyable experience for web users. We recommend the extension as long as you desist from using it on complex websites. Well, you could always turn it back off. Despite the errors, we can cut Postlight some slack as they are working with a new engine.

We did not enjoy the absence of an auto mode and hope the developers fix this in an update.


Price: Free

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