Jelly for Chrome: Get Human Answers in Web Searches

We all have encountered that problem. You type a search phrase for a very pressing question, and Google shows up with largely irrelevant answers. You need not at worry as Jelly is here to save the day. This extension aims to answer your pressing queries by showing you answers from real people.

How is that even possible? Jelly draws responses from a Quora-like site; Askjelly is a website where you can post questions across various niches and get reliable answers from real people. Feeling that patch of genius? Then you can go on an answering streak instead. From sports to animals, there are questions for everyone.

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Jelly for Chrome brings the extensive answer database of to Google search. On installation, Askjelly automatically integrates into the search.

With Jelly, the right column on Google search shows the most detailed answer from Askjelly. The algorithm is engineered to match your question with precise accuracy to avoid irrelevant results.


This extension aims to cut down on link clicks from search. Since it provides you with the most relevant human answer, the information is typically holistic, as it is from people with experience pertaining your query.


We tested Jelly for a few days to ascertain its practicality. Consequently, we learned a lot about this program and its potential.

This service presents a novel idea that has the potential to enhance web search. A personal answer is usually miles better that sifting through walls of text in search of information.

However, it is best to note that answers are solely the view of the writer and not endorsed as correct by the service. While human responses may be perfect for rushed searches, you still need to do old school browsing for detailed information.

Nevertheless, Jelly does an excellent job of matching questions and answers. We also like that it goes blank when it has no answers.

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Irrelevant results are worse than none.


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