iorad – Build Tutorials for any Web Applications from Chrome Browser

Iorad? Yes, according to the official site “We liked it (the name) because it was short and easy to spell. It didn’t mean anything at first and then we reverse engineered the name and came up with Instructional Object Rapid Development.”

Do you want to show someone how to use an application but don’t have the time or the patience to copy/paste screenshots, fumble through a screencast or schedule a screen share? Then you should check out iorad.

iorad uses proprietary technology to quickly help you make tutorials for your web applications and website. This simple tool for Chrome uses intelligent software to monitor how you use the web interface. Impressively, the service automatically converts your recorded movements into a clear step-by-step tutorial.

How it Works

iorad, a product of 5 years of development, is a well-crafted masterpiece that is meant to answer the question of making quick tutorials once and for all.

Clicking the extension automatically begins the recording process for you tutorial piece. Once you’ve activated iorad, you should act out the tutorial by using the website or web app exactly in the way you want your students to mimic. Once completed, click on the extension again to make the tutorial.


This is where the magic begins!


iorad automatically creates a screen by screen tutorial from the activities you performed. Impressively, the software also adds annotations stating the required action in that display e.g. ‘click download’ or ‘select add to list.’ Even more, you can easily edit the footnotes to show whatever you want. And all these happen in seconds!

You can immediately share your tutorial via a link that is created automatically. Also, you can download your tutorial as a PDF document.

The service is free to use to all. On the other hand, the offer a lot more features including the ability to make tutorials private, create custom branded players, do voiceovers, and lots more.


With GPS-like directions that work, helpful annotations that are almost always relevant, and smooth tutorials within short time periods, we are yet to find a flaw in the system. iorad is a product of careful, hard work, and this is immediately evident in the smoothness of the application. We easily recommend iorad for making functional and aesthetic tutorials.


Price: Free | $151/month

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The ultimate tutorial builder.

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