Inbox by Gmail Chrome Extension: Save Web Pages to Gmail

Surely, the name of this extension will get a few people confused. However, this extension should not be confused with ‘Inbox by Gmail’ the new alternative to Gmail. It is not an email viewing app.

Inbox by Gmail, the Chrome extension, is Google’s take on web bookmaking. Yes, there is a great deal of bookmarking options available already. We even tested Save to Facebook Chrome extension in September, Facebook’s version. As always, Google strives to produce a version of everything.

This extension is a small, straightforward one that let you save web pages to Inbox for Gmail.

How it Works

The Inbox for Gmail extension features a very simple interface. The interface shows two buttons, one to save your current web page to Inbox, while the other allows you share the link with your contacts.

Clicking the save button automatically bookmarks your current page in Inbox. The link appears on top of your message list.


However, it is important to note that this extension only works with the Inbox for Gmail service. Consequently, you cannot access the saved linked from traditional Gmail. Using the extension automatically activates Inbox for Gmail on your Google account.

You can access you save links by visiting or using the mobile applications. Thankfully, enabling the new platform does not affect traditional Gmail, as you can always access it, that is if you like it more.


Is Inbox by Gmail a great extension? That depends entirely on your taste. Sure, the extension works fine and smoothly, like everything Google. However, if you don’t use the Inbox for Gmail service often or don’t like it, then this extension will be useless to you.


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Recommended For:  an awesome add-on for Inbox Gmail enthusiasts.

Price: Free

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An awesome add-on for Inbox Gmail enthusiasts.

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