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Hola!” should win a Nobel prize for uncensoring the world. It is one of the best VPN services out there.

Hola! does one main thing, that impacts so many sensitive areas; browsing speed, users’ privacy and censorship.

We’ll try to explain it as simple as possible: (quote) “Hola works by sharing the idle resources of its users for the benefit of all.”

Every user that installs the Hola! extension (they have mobile apps too) become a member in the Hola! network (currently, there are more than 34 million).

To enjoy the network benefits, each user shares a piece of his computing and network capabilities and the synergy of 34,000,000,000 users creates one huge network with endless resources.

This huge network also allows the user to connect to the web not through his traditional vendor, but through the networks of other Hola! users.

This whole complex structure gives any Hola! user the ability to – hide his IP (and therefore enter any website), keep privacy in maximum level and get a much faster browsing!

Here’s a small example

We tried to watch a tv show on Netflix and this is what we got (we are located out of the U.S.)


After we cried a bit, we installed Hola! and tried again 🙂

This time, we got a different webpage


Isn’t it awesome?

Think about people in China that can easily bypass it’s censorship with this great tool.

Trust us on this one, get the extension,  click here.

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EZ Summary

Who is it for? Absolutely everyone. You don’t need to know anything about anything. This tool is great, needed and easy to use.

Price? Quote from the Hola! Website- “Our VPN service is completely free, and will always stay that way.”