Hola Ad Blocker – A Simple Ad blocker that excels

Need some straightforward ad blocking and anti-tracking extension? Then Hola Ad Blocker might be just what you need.

Thankfully, this extension aims to give you a cleaner browsing experience using an intelligent system that blocks intrusive ads, stops behavior monitoring trackers and helps keeps you safe from malware.

With the rapid rise of ad littered and malicious sites on the Internet, an ad blocker is now a must have for every internet users. Thankfully, there are some quality options to choose from.


How it Works

While there are scores of ad blocking extensions to choose for, Hola Ad Blocker does one better by providing a streamlined system that works yet requires no tweaking whatsoever.

On installation, the extension activates automatically. Hola uses an intelligent system that carefully removes all intrusive ads from your web interface. We test out the ad blocker on a few site and found it to be quite useful, even on sites where Ad Block Pro missed a few ads.

Also, you can click on the extension icon to reveals a small pop out that shows the total number of ads blocked as well as the total number on your current page.


Unfortunately, the extension does not provide details on the number of trackers blocked. Not that this is a problem, our super geeky crew just though it would have been helpful.

Hola Ad Blocker also comes integrated with an anti-malware engine. Thankfully, this helps catch malicious websites and scripts that your computer antivirus cannot handle. Goodbye fake ‘Download Now!!!”


After a few days with Hola Adblocker, we can confirm that it does what it promises. Surprisingly, Hola Ad Block managed to catch every single ad a heavily ad infested site with used as a guinea pig.

We will happily recommend this extension to any Chrome user that needs a simple ad block that works. No tweaking, no settings, just plug and play!


EZ Summary

Recommended For:  For a pleasant browsing experience.

Price: Free

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For a pleasant browsing experience.

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