Kan U read Waht are riten hear?

We’ll, don’t worry, the rest of this post suppose to be written much better, because we’re using Ginger!

We got to know Ginger about a year ago, and that’s when we stopped using Google Translate or any other translating softwareGinger beats them all.

Ginger let’s you write without spelling mistakes and grammar errors in popular websites such as Facebook, Gmail and Twitter. The Ginger browser extension is essential for smooth writing of an email or a post.

How does it work?

While you write, Ginger automatically highlights any English typos or English grammar errors that you’ve made in the text box itself.

Just hover over the highlighted word/sentence and a small popup will show you the right way to speak the language.

A click on the Ginger suggestion (popup) will automatically fix what’s wrong.

From our experience, you should definitely read the whole suggestion before clicking it, because sometimes things can get double meaning, as the software doesn’t understand the context.

See the following screenshot.

When we wrote this post, Ginger highlighted the first line and offered the right way to write it!

ginger screenshot

This awesome extension will save you time and resources, but more important, it will save you the embarrassment 🙂

To hire your redhead English speaking assistant

1. Install Ginger,

2. SignUp

3. Start typing!

EZ Summary

Who is it for? Anyone. Really, anyone.

Price? The free version is more than enough. We’re using it for more than a year now and it’s absolutely sufficient.

EZ Rank

Must have

There’s a good reason why this company is so successful (Just look at the investor list..).
Maybe the most useful extension you’ll use on a daily basis.

  • Awesomeness
  • Feel
  • Look
  • Smoothness
  • Effectiveness