Gauge – Measure and display Recent Internet Performance Characteristics.

Need a new reason to ditch your internet service provider? Gauge for Chrome may just be here to help you out.

Meet Gauge, a Chrome extension that gives you a detailed analysis of your internet browsing experience. For internet speed tests, you definitely should check out Speedtest by Ookla.

However, this extension promises to deliver much more than a simple speed test. With Guage, you get more robust analytics, featuring statistics such as internet speed, request timing details, content location, as well as comparison with other local users and ISPs.

One very practical application of Gauge is that it helps you discern if your slow internet connection is from your ISP or as a result of a problem on your computer.

How it Works

While the depth of information provided may be overwhelming for most, the overall picture is all you need to understand the state of your internet connection.

Once installed, Gauge is activated and works in the background, continuously monitoring your internet performance. In the main interface, you get details of each visited website showing details on load time. Click on any of the web pages gives you further details about your connection to that site.


In the Geo performance tab, you get local information of your connection, how the received data is partitioned and where it is stored. It also gives you a chance to see caching (cloud based) information.


Also, you get quick comparison stats. This helps you trace any slow connection problems by comparing your connection details with other users in your locality.


Dyn also bundled their very own domain analysis tool that provides DNS lookup, WHOis information, and Geodata.


While this extension may lean towards the geeky side, it does have a very practical use. It comes in quite handy when you have a case of unexplained slow internet. With Gauge you can easily trace the problem to its root.

However, if you are anti-geeky, Gauge may not be for you.


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