Screenshot Full or Partial Screens in Chrome and Share/Save

Taking screenshots on mobile devices has always been easy. With simple shortcuts available for both Android and iOS, you’ll rarely lose your way. However, on PC, it’s a different ballgame entirely.

Clipular, a screenshot extension for Chrome, aims to simplify this process, at least on the browser side of things. The extension allows you take a full window and screen portion screenshots from within Chrome. Even more, you get added functionality such as the ability to instantly save a screenshot or share it to Social media.

Clipular lets you capture, share and bookmark any moment and any portion in your Chrome browser. It could be a game shot, a music video moment, a dynamic application, a Facebook comment, a snippet in a news feed, etc.

The extension is completely free to use.

How it Works

Like you, we believe the default screenshot taking process is inefficient.This is where Clipular excels. The extension comes packed with features and can be rightly termed a “screenshot app on steroids”

Basic screenshot functions such as taking a full screenshot or capturing a portion of the page work fine. Also, you can easily save taken shots from within the extension’s interface. Thankfully, the extension comes with an autosave feature which allows you save pictures to local storage or Google Drive.

Even more, Clipular allows you share screenshot via single click buttons to social networks or via email.


Need to beef up your screenshots? Clipular allows you modify your screenshots via a basic editing interface that lets you markup, tag, and timestamp the photos.


The extension keeps a history of your screenshots and gives you a link to the source page as well.



Clipular promises an essential tool that every Chrome user needs. However, in recent times the development of this extension has gone downhill. We hope to see a revival soon though as no other extension comes close in terms of functionality. Clipular is awesome when it works. Unfortunately, we can recommend it at the moment due to its instability issues.


Price: Free

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A screenshot app with added functionality

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