Bananatag Email Tracking – Track & Schedule your Emails

Email Scheduling. It amazes us how this is not already a native feature in Gmail. Thankfully, you can get an add-on (Chrome extension) to take care of all your scheduling needs.

Earlier, we reviewed Right Inbox for Gmail, an extension which does just that. Bananatag Email Tracking does one better by throwing email tracking into the mix.

Meet Bananatag, a scheduling solution for Gmail that allows you track and schedule emails from within the native Gmail interface. The plugin adds a few buttons that allow you manage you email while you get live statistic updates.

How it Works

The extension features a very simple integration process. On installation, it adds a button to the top of Gmail from where you can launch the Bananatag interface that gives you minute by minute statistics on your scheduled and tracked emails.

Also, you get two handy buttons in the compose email screen. The first of these allows you schedule an email to any time you desire, while the other (the round logo) toggles the track feature on and off.


When you open a tracked email, you’ll receive an email notification detailing who opened the email, their location, as well as their device and operating system. You’ll receive similar information also when a recipient clicks a link from within your email.

In the Bananatag dashboard, you get email analytics that showcases the effectiveness of your tracked emails. You get a representation of your success ratio as well as you open and click-through rates. You also get device specific information.


Like Right Inbox for Gmail, Bananatag features a paid plan as the free one is limited to only five emails daily. The paid version starts at $10 per month.


We enjoyed the added functionality of this extension. Because we manage a lot of emails daily, we found it a pleasure to use, However, if you are anything like us, it’s either the paid version or nothing.

On a few occasions, the extension did not load up, and we found the regular email notifications a bit noisy. Save for these; the extension worked quite well.


EZ Summary

Recommended For:  Decent email management tool albeit at a steep price.

Price: Free

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Decent email management tool albeit at a steep price

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