How the hell is it even possible that Google, Firefox and IE never thought about adding this feature, built-in, in the browser itself?

Why should anyone click CTRL+PrtSc ever again?

Although “Awesome Screenshot” is not the only screenshot capture extension, it’s our favorite one for sure!

Before writing this review, we tried to count how many times we used this extension, in 1 week.. The result was 37 times. That’s a lot.

What can you do with the app? Catch screenshot. Yep, that’s about it. But this capability is so essential (37 times in a week!) that you don’t need it to do anything else!

The features of Awesome Screenshot include- Capturing the whole page or any portion, annotate it with different shapes, lines and text and sharing the capture on the spot.

A very cool feature that the team released a few months ago, is the “Delayed Capture” option, which allow you to capture a screenshot 3 seconds from the moment you’ve clicked the button.

This one is useful for capturing stuff like popups that opens only when you hover with the mouse over something (that’s actually the only example we could think of 🙂 ).

You know what the funny thing is? We couldn’t capture a screenshot of the extension in action 🙂


Do yourself a favor, install the extension here.

EZ Summary

Who is it for? Anyone who uses his browser for work (which is basically, anyone..).

Price? Free and you can donate the team.

EZ Rank

Very useful

If you found yourself using the PrtSc button on your keyboard, you should definitely stop and install this one.

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