Manage your Asana tasks on every new tab.

If you are using Asana to manage your work/personal tasks, you should get to know Asana-New-Tab extension.
This Asana extension (not created by asana) uses the full power of the asana API and gives you a glimpse into your asana dashboard, on every new tab you open.
Instead of kipping the asana tab always live, you can see (and manage) your tasks, each time you open a new tab.

This is how it looks when you open a new tab, after installing this asana extension-

asana new tab 1

Most of the new tab space presents the user tasks, under the right priority and with a title+short description for every task.
You can mark tasks as done (click the check box) and even delete tasks, and it will reflect to your asana account.
Under the tasks you’ll find the “create new task” section, in which you can create new tasks that will also be added to your asana account.
When creating new task you can also define the work space, priority and assignee.
asana new tab 2

Of course, everything you do in the Asana-New-Tab reflects to your asana dashboard and vice versa…

Using this extension for a few days made us use asana more, but using its’ dashboard less.. Kind of funny, but the bottom line was more productivity without the need to open the dashboard over and over again (or keep it open all day).

We really (!) liked this one. Great job.


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Asana users

Price? Free

EZ Rank

Super productive

A much better use to the empty, boring “new-tab”.
We found this extension super useful for asana users.

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