Watch Netflix together with your friends over distance by having your Netflix players sync up.

This is one awesome extension for Netflix users!

Showgoers is a way to watch Netflix together remotely. Watch the same movie or TV series with your friends or loved ones.
It’s pretty easy to operate and we just loved the concept of making movie watching, or binge-watching, social – even if you and your partner are not watching the same screen.

How it works?
Each time you’ll start playing something on Netflix, the Showgoers icon will show up –

Watch Netflix together
source: extension website

After clicking the “start a sync session”, you’ll get a link to share with the other side –

Watch Netflix together
source: extension website

Once they join your sync session, use Netflix just like you would normally, Except now, if you pause, unpause, or move to a different time in the movie, the players of other synced users will do the same. Easy mode!

To watch Netflix together via Showgoers, your partner must:
1) Be signed into their Netflix account before opening the invite URL.
2) Have installed the Showgoers Chrome extension.
3) Open the invite URL in Chrome.

Easy to use, very practical to its target audience and a great idea in general – good job!


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Who is it for? Netflix users

Price? Free

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Loved it!

A great example of a how a good extension should be.

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