Fast share your current tab with your Slack network. A slack extension you’ll use!

We love Slack. We use slack all the time to manage this website, and other initiatives, and we’re looking for interesting Slack extensions all the time. Clicky is a good slack extension.

We saw similar tool for other communities, but this slack extension is something that can make our Slack experience even better – #Clicky for Slack is the fastest and easiest way to share your current tab to any Slack channel, user, or group with a single click!

After installing the extension and connecting it to your Slack account (there are some known technical issues with the process), you’ll be able to easily share the content you’re watching, with your Slack partners.

Saw an article you want to share with one of your slack channels? Just click the extension icon, write a short description (or not), choose the channels, users, groups – and that’s it!

Don’t worry, you can search through all of your users, channels, and groups inside the extension.

source: extension page in chrome store

Some cool features we found in Clicky:
– Pop up a notification when a new #Clicky is received, which includes a button to open the link immediately, without having to go into Slack.
–  Right-click to share the currently selected piece of text straight to Slack.
– Ability to delete messages shortly after sending them.

Because Slack is something you’ll most likely use inside an organization, we would recommend to approve this, and any other Slack extension with your IT people… Just in case…


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Who is it for? Slack users

Price? Free

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If you’re using Slack, you’ll love Clicky!
Great extension, very good extension updates from the developer.
Very nice.

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