Share to Facebook – a Handy Social Share Tool that Works

What good is an exceptional article if you can share it with your friends? We have all had that situation, after reading an excellent article, you scroll up and down looking for the share buttons (you might have these moments more often if you use Adblock in extreme mode). In these circumstances Share to Facebook comes to the rescue.

On mobile browsers, the Android/iOS system adds a share button that integrates into other apps. With this extension, you get a similar option, if only for Facebook. Share to Facebook is a lightweight extension that adds a quick share option to all web pages.

The extension is only a few kilobytes large. It is a simple bookmarklet designed to pop up the Facebook sharer for use with your current page.

Share to Facebook page

The Share to Facebook extension does not have a user menu. A click on the extension icon brings up the sharer automatically.

Share to Facebook

As with any typical Facebook share page, you can customise a few options. You can write a word post to share with your link, set the visibility of the post, tag a friend, and even share your post to a group or page.

Share to Facebook 2

Share to Facebook is a great tool to have. However, this greatness is useful only if Facebook is your choice of social media or at least high up the heirachy.

An even better tool would be one that offers similar one-click sharing to all top social media sites. That would be a must have! However, seeing that this is an official extension from Facebook, we would hardly expect that.


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Facebook users who want to share links.

Price? Free

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Facebook users who want to share links.

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