Instagram Downloader – Save Media to your Local Drive and Google Drive

Finally, an Instagram downloader that works!

Thanks to Woolanow, you can now download pictures and videos from Instagram on Chrome. Even more, this extension does it in style and efficiently too.

Instagram Downloader for Chrome is a simple extension that plugs into the Instagram website, adding download buttons for all media on the site. The extension gives you the ability to save the downloaded media to your local drive. Even neater, it has the option to save the files directly to your Google Drive account.

How it Works

Once installed, the extension adds minimal download buttons to all media. It adds a preview button and a save button.

To download a picture, click on the Save button to begin downloading. Similarly, the preview button allows you view the full quality of the image before downloading.

Note: you have to hover over the image for the buttons to occur.


Downloading a video is a bit trickier, as you have to click on the video first before using the download button. This is because using the download button on the main page will save the jpg instead of the mp4 video file.


To save to Google Drive, You first have to enable the google drive link. Firstly, click on the extension icon to open the settings interface. From here, select the Save to Google Drive option. Once selected, you will get a popup requesting for access to your Google drive. Accept this to give the extension permission to save files to Google Drive.

Click on the download button while the Google Drive option is select instantly saves the media file to your Google drive. Both location options are hot swappable as you can quickly switch between them whenever you want.

That’s not all; Instagram Downloader support Instagram Stories as well!

And on to our favorite feature yet, the bulk download option. When viewing accounts with over a thousand media files, Instagram Downloader lets you download all media from the page.


Interestingly, it allows you to download a range of media as well, in a zip file, which appears sorted as arranged on the user’s Instagram page!



We found Instagram downloader a pleasure to use. It works perfectly at all times.

At post time, the extension is still in beta. We are curious to see what more the developers can add to a seemingly perfect extension.


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Recommended For:  All Instagram users.

Price: Free

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