Who’s Targeting Me? – Facebook Advertiser Monitoring for Chrome

When it comes to Facebook ads, no one is safe. Facebook have evolved into one of the most targeted ad platforms. Advertisers can now reach you based on your likes and who you follow.

If you are like us mortals, you have a mix of ads in your Facebook feed desperately vying for your attention. Thanks to this new extension from BrandTotal, you can get an insight into who is looking for your attention and the distribution of these advertisers.

How it Works

Who’s Targeting Me is a simple Chrome extension that reveals the distribution of Facebook advertisers trying to get your attention on a  daily basis.

The extension uses a very basic system, by scanning your newsfeed for ads. Over time, the extension uses the data it has gathered to create a comparison of advertisers. Hence, you get info on the advertisers that are targeting you as well as their overall distribution.

This information is presented in a nice pie chart that shows when you click on the extension. The color-coded pie chart also shows you the percentage distribution.


On the extension’s interface, you also get a neat list of all the advertisers.

On installation, the extension shows a blank screen for at least 24 hours while it gathers data to populate the charts.


The extension has a buffer period where it collects data initially. Unfortunately, there is no notification during this time, and we prematurely came to to the conclusion that the extension was broken. We hope BrandTotal fixes this as it could be a potential turn off for new users.

Yes, this is a simple extension that does what it’s supposed to.

It is great to have some info on your targeter as this can help you better understand the effect of your likes. We recommend this extension if you need the sourced data as it is the only one that provides such.


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