Chrome IG Story – Instagram Stories for Chrome

In early August, Instagram introduced Instagram stories to rival Snapchat’s features. Instagram stories allow you share moments from your day with your followers. Following Instagram’s classic mobile-centred behavior, the new feature is available only on mobile. Finally, Chrome IG Story extension is here to solve that problem.

Chrome IG Story brings the well accepted Instagram stories feature to computers. The extension achieves this by plugging into the Instagram website from Chrome and injecting code to enable you to view ‘stories’.

On mobile, the typical Instagram stories layout displays icons of your friends on top of your feed. Chrome IG Story replicates this in Chrome.

Chrome IG story

Chrome IG story 2

To view a story, just click on the user’s icon from the top of your feed. You can cycle between available stories by using the arrow keys on your keyboard to go back and forth. You can even download a story by right clicking on its icon. Using the Esc key closes the stories view.

Chrome IG Story does seem like an excellent add-on for Instagram in theory. However, we couldn’t get it to work. On installation, nothing happened. Even after a few browser restarts we were unable to get stories on our Instagram feed.

From the reviews on the extension’s page, a lot of users are facing the same problems we had; they are unable to get the extension working. However, some users reported that the got the extension working after a browser restart. At this time the developers are yet to address this issue.

Chrome IG Story brings a much welcome added functionality to Instagram for the web. Therefore, we hope there’s a quick update to fix the problems with the extension.



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Recommended For:  Excellent addon for Instagram users; if you can get it to work.

Price: Free

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Wait for a fix

Excellent addon for Instagram users; if you can get it to work.

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