Broken Link Checker – the Webmaster’s Companion

Do you know that you lose thousands of visitors to your website due to broken links?

404 errors are a surefire way to increase your bounce rate. The loss of traffic and potential clients can be enormous as visitors often move on to your competitors.

Fortunately, Broken Link Checker by AtomSEO is a great tool for solving this problem. This extension for Chrome scan websites for broken link and notifies you of all the links that need fixing.

broken link checker 3

We particularly liked this extensions no-nonsense approach to functionality. This lightweight extension launches via a simple one-click option. A click on the icon reveals a pop out that scans your current page for broken links. The pop out also features a button that scans the entire website for broken links—this takes you AtomSEO website and starts the scan immediately.

broken link checker 4

Broken Link Checker is also quite fast. The link checker completed a scan of a page containing 387 links in 112 seconds. A similar test we took on the dedicated scanner at AtomSEO’s website scanned a 3000+ link site in 78 seconds.

Why Use Broken Link Checker?

There are enormous link checker options available to webmasters, including various dedicated plugins. However, plugins can be very resource intensive. Here Broken Link Checker trumps the competition.

AtomSEO offers a free optional plan for use with the extension. With the free plan, you get free reports for one domain with checks for up to 3000 Internal pages, 300 External pages, and 100 Backlink pages. Paid plans are available with more options.

One small problem we had with this extension was that its one-click nature prevents you from selecting the type of search you want beforehand. The extension just assumes you want a single page search. That aside Broken Link Checker is an awesome extension.


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Webmasters who want a broken link checker with no resource usage.

Price? Free

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Webmasters who want a broken link checker with no resource usage.

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