This will probably be our shortest review you’ll find on the website.
Why? Because there is no need to explain the reasons to install this extension.
The SMILE project is a great initiative by Amazon, which basically donates 0.5% of your purchase, to a charitable organization of your choice.
How nice it is to donate without spending your own money? 🙂

SmileAlways is an extension that will make sure you won’t forget to ask Amazon to donate on your behalf.

After installing the extension, each time you’re browsing to an Amazon webpage, you’ll see this page-

AmazonSmile  You shop. Amazon gives.

After logging in, you can be sure that the donation will be made.

We don’t see any reason why not using this add-on.

Get it here and sleep better tonight.

EZ Summary

Who is it for? Anyone who will ever buy something on Amazon.

Price? Free minus? (We couldn’t think about another definition of an extension that is free and even pays for you…)

EZ Rank

Everyone should use it

For a good cause. Helps you help Amazon to help others.

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