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Online shopper? Married to an online shopper? Save money with PriceZombie!

It’s not the most beautiful and smoothest shopping extension ever (it actually looks more like a Zombie), but it sure does the job right.

Unlike many other price price tracking services, PriceZombie works with numerous different e-commerce website, starting with Amazon, through Ebay and up to IKEA!

Each time you browse through a supported e-commerce site, the “PZ” icon will pop up in the URL bar and you’ll be able to use it.

One click on the extension icon will show you the pricing history of the specific product you’re watching. It’s actually more interesting than it sounds – we found ourselves trying to find patterns and interpret peaks 🙂

Now for the more practical use – you can really see pricing trends in the product you’re interested to buy, or sell. A big advantage when trying to make a smart decision.


If deciding to wait with the purchase, you can click the “Watch Item” tab and ask to get a notification when the product reached the desired price, and not only in this specific website/seller, but in all supported stores as well!

We found it very useful, mainly for things you don’t really need right away.


PriceZombie has more features – Price comparison, Watch list, Price localization and really anything you need to be a smarter buyer or seller.

To get PriceZombie extensions, for all browsers, click here.


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Anyone who buy or sell online, which means over 200,000,000 people in the U.S. only.

Price? Free (they have other ways to make money)

EZ Rank

Save $$

Pretty useful, mainly for non-urgent online shopping.
If you have the patience, you’ll save money for sure.
Very interesting tool for online sellers too.

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