Poach is a price tracker and a coupon finder in one extension.

Going over the shopping section in the extension/add-ons stores, you’ll find two main subcategories: Price tracking extensions and Coupon finding extensions.
Poach do both.

Let’s start with bottom lines – It looks great, very intuitive, very professional, does the job.
In terms of functionality, we think it’s pretty much like its competitors, just combined, which is nice.

With the Poach extension button, you’ll be able to track a certain product for price drops, and see the website coupons, in the same pop up page.
The pop up recognizes the product and lets you choose a photo that will be shown in your Poach dashboard (yes, they have a dashboard).
Underneath the product images, you’ll find the coupons for the specific website.
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Another nice feature, is that you can see what products the Poach community tracked, and find out about nice things to buy. We are always in favor of sharing and using users’ data to make discovery easier.

We couldn’t find a place to fill up the desired price, so we guess that Poach somehow recognizes when the price dropped enough, and then notifies the users.
Also, we’re not sure how these coupon thing works, but we couldn’t find any coupons for websites like Amazon and Ebay…

EZ Summary

Who is it for? Online shoppers

Price? Free

EZ Rank

In the top 5

Although you can find many competitors, we liked Poach because you can tell its’ team made the extra mile.
They thought about the details and nailed it (in most cases).

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  • Feel
  • Look
  • Smoothness
  • Effectiveness