Displays how long you have been together with your loved one.

Men – remembers baseball stats from 1969, but can’t remember the most important day of their lives..

Love O’clock is a small, simple Chrome extension that lets you see how long you and your loved one have been together, and notifies you when the big day is coming up.
After consulting about the right category for this extension, we decided unanimously that it belongs to the Shopping section 🙂
The first thing to do after getting notified about your upcoming anniversary, is looking for a good shopping extension and buy something nice to the lady, right?

After installing the extension, you need to set up the relevant date and reminders.

From this point, each time you’ll click the extension button, you’ll know the exact time you and your loved one are together.


Every month/year, you’ll get a “soft” notification so you’ll always be on the safe side.
We would love to see an option to add multiple dates… You know, birthdays and stuff…

It’s a bit funny to see that this extension has more than 41K users (probably frustrated husbands).


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Who is it for? Typical men.

Price? Free

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To keep your other half happy, get this extension.

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