Instant house price appraisals as you browse the market (UK only).

Buying gadgets and fashion online is easy with extensions like Honey and Poach, but an extension for buying a house? That’s refreshing..

Appraised helps you get better decisions on whether a property’s asking price represents fair value by comparing the rate of inflation that the price is demanding against the rate of house price inflation for where it is situated.

How it works?
First, it only works in the UK, for now.
After installing the tool, each time you’ll browse to an Appraised powered website (like Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location) and check a specific property, you’ll see the small extension icon in the address bar.
Click on it, and you’ll be amazed with how efficient this extension is.

In the screenshot below you can see that the asking price is 22% higher than the estimated value of the property.
You can also see that this house was sold 4 times since 2004 and that its value was almost doubled.
It’s up to you to get the right insights…

You can also see the real estate trends in a specific area, which can help you with your future investments…

How do they gather all this data?
Each time a property is sold, the date and price of the sale are recorded by the Land Registry.
Appraised automatically gathers the data from Land Registry and presents the information in an easy to understand format, comparing the property’s previous sale prices and current asking price with the Land Registry’s data on price changes.

We were very impressed with this tool.
Now they should build it for a global use, and for more browsers.


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Who is it for? Anyone who’s on a real estate hunt on the UK.

Price? Free

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A must have tool for anyone who is looking to buy a property in the UK.

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