Fashion Lover – Scan Any Image for Available Fashion Products

Have you ever drooled over a pair of sandals or a t-shirt you’ve seen on your favorite celeb? It happens to the best of us. You see a piece of clothing online and instantly fall in love. Unfortunately, you cannot find it on any online store. The Fashion Lover extension aims to help you out.

Fashion Lover emulates Google search by image by providing an image search, in this case, for fashion products. The extension is powered by an engine that scans any picture for fashion products and attempts to match that same product on offer in an online store

How it Works


Getting started with Fashion Lover is easy enough as all you have to do is install the extension. Once you complete the installation, you can use the service by click on the extension.

Once you switch the service on, small purple icons appear beside every picture in your browser. To search for a specific item follow these simple steps

  • Click on the icon beside any particular image

fashion lover 1

  • Use the selection margin that appears to select the portion of the picture containing the fashion item you want
  • Click on the closest match from the store items that pop up

fashion lover 2

While this works most of the time, the service also has severe limitations.

Firstly, the extension uses the data from only one online platform; ASOS, a British online fashion and beauty store that is primarily aimed at young adults. While ASOS boast over 850 brands, a few of our searches turn up completely unrelated products.

Secondly, the algorithm needs a lot of work to get to usable. While it does a great job of matching colors and pattern, it is quite oblivious of the major fashion characteristics such as sex and size.


Fashion Lover is an awesome tool if all you need is to get items that are broadly similar to the one you spotted. However, if you are looking for more specific matches you most likely need a human research assistant.


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