Extensions for Black Friday, Cyber Monday – Shop, Save, Repeat.

Black Friday is here, and Cyber Monday is a few days away from us, and the Google Chrome Store team was kind enough to create a new section in the extension store, called Retail Therapy 🙂
This section is dedicated for online smart shopping, and especially for users who sees shopping as a therapy (not so healthy..).

retail therapy

This new section contains 24 extensions, some are household names like eBay, and some have 50 users, like Blue Kangaroo.
We just can’t figure out the decision making process of those who in charge of choosing the extensions (if there is someone who’s in charge), but we always welcome any new initiative in the Chrome store.

The extensions for Black Friday, Cyber Monday are good for any other day, and include tools like HoneyeBay, PriceZombie and Houzz, that we previously reviewed on extension zone.

We found out that if you’re shopping online using some of the extensions above, you can save a few good bucks.
Our personal recommendation for this shopping frenzy is SmileAlways – Donate with any purchase at

Have a great time shopping online, don’t spend too much and try to use some of these extensions to shop smarter


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Online shoppers

Price? Free