Get online deals from some of the Internet’s biggest retailers.

DealTrunk is for the avid online shopper.
We take it back. Not avid – obsessed online shopper 🙂
If you’re always on the hunt for online deals, this extension can help you save money.

Every time when a new deal comes into the DealTrunk platform, the extension icon (a small elephant) becomes green.
Click on it and the extension window will open up, showing the latest deals, with a short description and price.


If you see something you like, click on it and a new tab will open, showing the product page, on the DealTrunk website.

It’s a simple and nice extension, and although it doesn’t show anything that you can’t find online independently, it does saves you the hassle of searching.
We do think that it’s essential to add some personal filtering, as the deals aren’t always relevant for the end user.
Non relevant deals = Non relevant extension.


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Hardcore online shoppers

Price? Free

EZ Rank


This is a nice tool for deal hunters.
If you’re buying online only when you are looking for something specific, you can just use the DealTrunk website (don’t really need the extension).

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