Browse Amazon and get the local bookshop price.

Do you remember that Amazon started as an online book shop?

Anyway, Bookindy is a very nice Chrome extension for buying Amazon books. What’s so special about it? You get an option to see the bookstore price (the brick&mortar bookstore) in your neighborhood before making a purchase online.

We love this extension for 2 main reasons:
1) Sometimes you can find a cheaper price.
2) Bookstores (real ones) have a special magic… Something you can’t see much today.
Buying a book offline, preserve this magic.

Bookindy is available mainly in the UK, and it works like this;
Each time you’ll search for a book on Amazon, you’ll see the Kindle edition price, the paper edition price and a new button the shows the “Local Bookshop” price!
Under the price you’ll see how far the store is and how to get there.

Source; Bookindy website


Bookindy will always show you your nearest bookshop and it will also let you to order the book from this bookshop (although we prefer walking to the bookstore).
It uses a service for independent bookshops called Hive, who deliver books directly from the wholesaler.

The extension looks promising and works great (in the UK), but for us the most important thing is keeping these real-world stores alive..


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Book readers in the UK (Soon in the US too).

Price? Free

EZ Rank

Good cause

We love the concept.
It can work very well for books, but we definitely think that there can be a “Bookindy for other things” as well.. (Bookindy for X).
Use it if you live in the UK.

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