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Add to Amazon Wish List – an easy way to add cool stuff to your Amazon wish list.

We at Extension.Zone are avid Amazon shoppers, so when we discovered their wish list web extension we just had to try it out. Amazon has created a web extension that allows you to add anything from any website onto your Amazon wish list. Instead of discovering something cool you may want to purchase or have someone purchase for you and then go into the Amazon website and tag the item into your wishlist you can now use their new web extension created specifically for this need.
In order to use the Add to Amazon Wish List web extension all you need to do is install the extension and have an Amazon account. After installing the web extension you will see the following page and icon on the upper right hand side of your browser. After installation you are good to go.

Screen Shot 05-14-15 at 09.29 PM

Using the web extension is very easy, first find an item you wish to add to your Amazon wish list. Then click on the Amazon Add to Wish List web extension icon and the item is saved to your Amazon wish list.
Screen Shot 05-14-15 at 09.31 PM Screen Shot 05-14-15 at 09.32 PM
We will be using this slick web extension, nice job Amazon team!

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If you’re buying on Amazon, add this extension. That’s it.

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