IT’S TIME TO STOP! – Pointless Fun app that could do more

Need some goofy, harmless fun to cut down your on-net time? Then search no longer, this extension addresses your odd cravings. Regardless of what you are wasting time on, this might be your chance to stop.

Spent hours already binge-watching videos on Youtube? Not mentally strong enough to get yourself off the computer? Then you need the help of Papa Franku.

IT’S TIME TO STOP! is an extension that tells you what you can not tell yourself, STOP! Featuring the ever serious Papa Franku, getting screamed at has never been this fun.

its time to stop 3

In a series of short five second clips, Papa Franku will try as much as he can to get you off your computer. Using funny faces and body expressions, and even carrying a giant clock, Papa Franku does his best. Can he get you off?

During our first trial, we laugh quite hard for the entire video duration. Even repeat tests could not water down how unique and hilarious the experience was.

its time to stop 1

However, we were let down by a few pitfalls of the extension. Firstly, one of the videos had a bug that froze a part of the current page after playing, requiring a page reload to reset the page.

Secondly, the selection of videos is quite limited. The extension randomly selects a video to play for each website. However, during our tests, we only counted three videos. We hope the developer adds more to spice up options.

Though not a glitch, the extension doesn’t work on default Chrome pages such as the default homepage and browser history page. This restriction is to prevent the app from being blocked by Google.

its time to stop

IT’S TIME TO STOP! is a very fun app. Notwithstanding, it could be so much more. A time trigger would be awesome. Getting the Papa Franku to come up automatically after x hours on Reddit would be legendary! A word trigger would also be a striking addition.


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Recommended For: for when you want to blow off some steam.

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for when you want to blow off some steam.

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