Santa Tracker Christmas Games New Tab for Chrome Browser

It’s raining Christmasy extensions. And the Santa Tracker New Tab extension is no exception. Similar to Christmas Countdown, this extension is a new tab modification for Chrome that brings Christmas to your browser.

The extension features excellent interactives that help you “track Santa as her travels around the world on Christmas Eve. The extension also includes some Christmasy music and a modified new tab search box. Also, the moving-parts-laden extension also promises interactive games, puzzles, and games.

How it Works

Santa Tracker is one new tab page that surprisingly does well aesthetically. Despite all the loud colors, the intricate placement, and matching by the developers ensures a pleasant visual experience.

We tested the interactive and games and were quite let down. Unfortunately, the gameplay was not up to par as it failed to work more often than not. With glitches here and there, it’s almost impossible to get an enjoyable experience from the included games. However, when they do work, we got a real kick out of it.


On the music side of things, Santa tracker features an excellent collection of Christmas songs and sounds, all imported from Live365 free internet radio.


Provided you can ignore the gimmicky games and puzzles; you may enjoy the Christmas feel that Santa Tracker brings to your browser. The extension will also give your kid one more reason to be attracted to your computer.


Price: Free

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Not Recommended

A fun extension for the Christmas season

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