RatherNice – Changing Your Day, One Tab at a Time

Don’t think you get enough compliments? Worry no more as RatherNice is here to change that.

Whether you are suffering a shortage or not, we can all do with a little more niceness in our lives. Hence, the developer of this extension, who is known just as Mikleo, has taken it upon himself/herself to spread a little more into the world.

This little addon replaces your blank new tab page with a random compliment.

rathernice 1

How it Works

RatherNice does a great job of adding a little emotion to your browser. It does this by dropping well-written tribute pieces every time you launch a new tab.

To get started, simply grab the extension from the Chrome extension store. You can use any of the links we’ve added to this article. Once you install the extension, it takes over your new tab page.

rathernice 2

The fresh new tab page bears a very simple design with a simple cup-and-love graphic and a random compliment fixed underneath. Also, the page features a minimalist link to the official Twitter account.

We cycled through a few new tab pages and found a large array of original compliments. Honestly, we could stop messing around with this extension as every new tab page left us smiling.


While we are extremely pleased with the design and execution of this extension, we are a bit let down by the lack of functionality on the new tab. At least a Google search bar would be. However, if you do not mind the long journey to the top input box, you definitely should pick up this masterpiece.

rathernice 3


Price: Free

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Changing Your Day, One Tab at a Time

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