Music Bubbles – Floating quick controls for Google Play Music

Are you a regular user of Google Play Music? Then this extension may be for you.

A few years back, Google launched Google Play Music to rival other music streaming services such as Tidal, Apple music, Spotify, and Slacker Radio. Since then, Google’s version has gone on to become one of the most popular music streaming services on the planet. Google Play Music can be accessed

Google Play Music offers via a large variety of apps as well as a web interface. Music Bubbles for Chrome aims to bring the added functionality available to app users to our browsers. With Music Bubbles, you get a slew of new functions including the ability to control your playlist from any tab.

How it Works

Using a large number of permissions, Music Bubbles connects to Google Play Music and makes itself readily available anywhere in Chrome.

On installation, a large grayed out Google Play Music button appears at the bottom right corner of your browser interface. To begin using the extension, click the icon, this takes you to a Google Play Music Connection page. Once connected, the button lights

Once connected, the button lights up to a warm orange and gives you instant access to your Google Play Music account.

The extension comes with all the basic music controls; play/pause, previous track, next track, and a small info card underneath.


You also get a slick music progress bar that goes all the way around the Google Play Music button. We loved the placement and effect with this one. Also, you have the option to rate a track with two tiny buttons; thumbs up and thumbs down.


Click and hold the Google Play Music button to reveal two new icons that allow you temporarily hide the bubble or blacklist your current web page.


Finally, you can quickly reposition the widget by click-dragging around your screen. Volume toggles are not left out as well as you can just scroll on the widget to adjust to your liking.


The extension comes with a few handy tricks and setting to makes using pleasurable. It dims into the background when not in use and offers the option to hide it completely when Google Play Music is not active.


We found Music Bubbles a pleasure to use, as it is a very useful addon for Google Play Music. No more sifting through tabs just to change a music tabs. If you have that many open tabs, you should check out TabToDo though.

Music Bubbles an excellent addon for Google Play Music users.


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Recommended For:  Awesome addon for Google Play Music users.

Price: Free

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Awesome addon for Google Play Music users.

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