Discover a good movie to watch each time you open a new tab

For sure, one of the strangest extension names we’ve encountered.
Meet “New Tab = A Movie to Watch + Watch List”. Let’s call it “Movie to Watch” from now on 🙂

Movie to Watch is a new-tab-extension, that takes over any new tab you open.
In this case, the new tab shows you a good (you can argue this one) movie to watch.

The new tab will showcase a full screen image of the recommended movie, with the time of the day, the movie name, movie rating and genre (bottom right corner).

movie to watch

Clicking on the play button under the movie name will show you the movie trailer (in the same tab), which is pretty cool.
Also, if you like the image, you can pin the background for 24h and if you want to save a movie to watch later, click on “+ Add to List”.

Movie to Watch contains another section, that is being revealed once you scroll down the tab.
Under the main section you’ll find content recommendations, so if you’re still bored with the video they recommended, you can read articles about things you care about.

The thing that we didn’t like, is that when installing the extension, it also installs Noosfeer (an extension icon pops up in the extension toolbar), which is the company behind Movie to Watch extension.

So, if you are always looking for Movie to Watch, consider using this one 🙂


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Movies lovers

Price? Free

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Looks good, works smoothly, though sometimes shows the same movie over and over again.

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