Browse and watch League of Legends livestreams and mark favorites to receive alerts when they’re live.

eSports and specifically League of Legends has become a gaming phenomena in which millions of gamers watch LoL (League of Legends) livestreams on a daily basis. The leading eSports networks being used to stream these live gaming sessions are Twitch, YouTube, Azubu and Hitbox . The LoL Stream Browser allows League of Legends fans to watch and keep up to date with their favorite LoL livestream channels across all of the popular eSports networks in one convenient web extension.

LoL Stream Browser

The web extension provides a handy drop down menu within your Chrome browser that provides all of the live LoL gaming streams. In addition, you can mark specific streams as favorite and then receive notifications when they’re online and streaming. The LoL Stream Browser is the ultimate Chrome web extension for the LoL livestream fans, never miss your favorite stream cross all of the leading eSports networks


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