Hola Video Accelerator – Less buffering, more video.

Most of you know Hola as one of the biggest (or maybe THE biggest) VPN extension in the world.
Their unique peer2peer method isn’t only letting them to be free, but also helps them to build more products that are based on the huge p2p network they’ve built in the last few years.

In the past, they had a torrent streaming extension, and earlier this month, they released a new extension called Hola Video Accelerator.
Online video streaming is getting bigger and bigger, although buffering and slow loading are real problem. Somehow, Hola Video Accelerator makes things a bit smoother.

What it does?
Accelerate the video you are watching.
No explanations, one button. Magic.

We really can’t explain what’s happening and why it works, but it works.
After installing the extension, you need to open it and click the on/off button.
Next time you’ll watch a video, it’ll start faster with less buffering.

hola accelerator

Our guess is that it uses the peer2peer network Hola built to check if there’s a faster route to stream the video from.
It’s probably has something to do with another very successful Hola product – HolaCDN.

Bottom line – it worked for us.
In only 2 weeks the extension had more than 11K installs, so it’s probably worked for others as well 🙂


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Who is it for? Anyone?

Price? Free

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It helps to solve a real problem. Very easy to use.

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