Christmas Countdown with Wallpapers in Chrome New Tab

Need a sprinkle of the Christmas season in your life?

Look no further, Christmas Countdown new tab experience is here for you. Packed with an array of features that are sure to get you excited, this extension is a must-have for the season.

Featuring hot animated wallpapers, a countdown timer to Christmas, a Christmas music player, and a To-Do list, this is one extension that earns the ‘experience’ tag in the title.

How it Works

You can install the extension like any other from the Chrome extension link on this page. Once you install the extension, you meet with a fresh new tab page with a beautiful Christmasy animated wallpaper.



In a bit to keep you excited, the extension features a wide array of wallpapers which it cycles every time you click the new tab button.


Aside from the wallpapers, the Christmas Countdown extension does feature a Christmas countdown. Why would you think not? The countdown features days and hours and will heat you up on upcoming Christmas. Are you feeling a little drab despite the season? Get ready for some anticipation-backed change.

Another neat bonus feature is the To-Do list for the season. Now you can keep all your season goals in one place. At the risk of sounding corny, we found this tool quite useful.

On the Chrome extension page, we noticed a few complaints from users claiming they were unable to remove the extension. We tested this and indeed found an odd quirk. While we were unable to remove the extension from the extension panel in the browser interface, we could easily remove it from the main extension list in Chrome settings.


Christmas countdown is a pretty fun app to use and adds some flavor to your browser for the season. Save for the quirky removal process, its shapes up to be a nice extension that is sure to create a pleasant experience.


Price: Free

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A fun-filled countdown extension for the Christmas season

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