Beat Finder –  Find and Identify any Song Playing in your Browser

Can’t figure out the name of a song you’ve heard in your web browser? Typically, the deciphering processing involves reaching for your mobile phone and turning on Shazam. Well, no more.

Beat Finder, a brand new song detection extension on the Chrome store, aims to ameliorate this problem by reducing the steps. The extension offers detection of in-browser playing sound and almost immediately displays the name of the track.

And, even more, its completely free!

How it Works

The installation is as easy as any other extension on the Chrome store. Once you’ve installed the plugin, it activates immediately. However, it is important to note that you must sign into Chrome with a Google account for the extension to work. Though we can’t figure out why this is necessary.

To detect currently playing media, simply click on the extension. Consequently, a dropdown will slide out showing you the song title as well as other metadata such as date of release and album name.


For easy access, the extension keeps a list of your last 5 detected tracks in memory.

Surprisingly, Beat Finder reports an extremely high accuracy in song detection. Yes, we had our doubts, but this extension completely blew us out of the water. We tested 37 songs on Beat Finder and only one track returned a false result. This is quite impressive for a browser-based track detection software. Yes, Beat Finder averaged better results than Shazam on Mac!

We tested this tool on a variety of websites and got amazing results every time; even on Social media sites and in web apps.

As acknowledged by the developers on the product page, Beat Finder uses resources from Acrcloud, a premium content recognition cloud service, to power its track detection engine.


Beat Finder is an excellent extension that excels at audio recognition; performing even better that paid options. We highly recommend this extension for audiophiles and casual users alike.


Price: Free

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An excellent audio detection tool.

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