Test mobile and responsive web pages on your desktop.

Mobile Browser Emulator is a must have extension for any web developer, web designer and website owners.
It doesn’t have to be this specific tool, but testing a website responsivity is crucial before launching any new web based project, or keeping existing websites up to date with the latest mobile resolutions.
Mobile Browser Emulator is a Chrome extension that lets you do just that.

After installing the extension, you’ll be able to watch any website in his mobile display.
Click on the extension icon (they could have found a better icon…) and a short list of 7 mobile resolutions will show up.
Choose the relevant resolution to activate the tool.

mobile emulator

After choosing the resolution, a new small browser window will pop up, showing the website in its mobile display.
In the image below you can see how Extension.Zone looks like in a standard 320X480 mobile display.
You can see that not only the size has changed, but also how the website acts and looks (the navigation menu is the best example).

mobile emulator2

Before choosing the screen resolution, you can also check the “use mobile user agent” box.
If this option is checked, the browser’s request header will be changed from the Google Chrome header to a mobile header. Websites that have a separate mobile version may use this information to determine which version to deliver.
The ‘navigator.userAgent’ information will also be changed to a mobile version. Some websites use this information to either deliver a mobile version (not recommended) or to make browser specific changes to the web page.

This is not the most comprehensive mobile emulator we used, but it’s enough for the standard user.


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Web developers, web designers, website owners…

Price? Free

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Works well and good for the average user.
Simple to use, and maybe that’s why it’s a good tool if all you need is a mobile emulator.

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