Image Properties Context Menu – show the properties of an image.

Image Properties Context Menu is a simple Chrome extension that can help any web developer or designer to find out anything they need to know about a specific image.

After installing the extension, right click on any image and see the ‘Image Properties’ button.

Image Properties


If you’ll click the extension button a new pop-up window will appear with the following image data: Location, Source, Dimensions (and the dimensions as it appears on the page if it’s different), Alt text, Data URI, File Size, MIME Type and EXIF data.

Image Properties2

Very easy, super simple, works well… What else can we say? 🙂
Not a must have, but a fast way to get this data if you need it.


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Who is it for? Web developers, web designers.

Price? Free

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Works good and fast.
Very simple, but can we a good tool for the relevant users.

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